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Special#001 - Heartsdales

YO, Check 'em out!

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Because my beloved shion_chan_xx requested it, here are some of teh Heartsdales-songs~
(sorry, for all other users, it's JHip Hop again ^^)

The songs are mostly from Heartsdales' latest Album "Super Star" (it came out in march 2005 I think, hit me if I'm wrong) but to come up to 15 songs, I added some more ^^
I didn't upload all of the "Super Star" songs because Shion already got some, but if someone other want the full album, message me and I'll upload the missing songs! (songs which are missing are I see You, Bailamos and GET DRUNK <-- uploaded it some days ago)

Heartsdales - Shining
Heartsdales - Super Star
Heartsdales - We love the Music
Heartsdales - Rum Interlude ^Hip Hop Barbie
Heartsdales - Darlin' Darlin' feat.ZANE
Heartsdales - LOVE & JOY
Heartsdales - Jewels Interludes ^Gangsta CHIC
Heartsdales - Sister Sister
Heartsdales - Paradise feat.加藤ミリヤ
Heartsdales - Color of Love
Heartsdales - Fantasy

Heartsdales - CANDY POP feat.SOUL'd OUT
Heartsdales - Wet'N Wild feat.SUITE CHIC
Heartsdales - Ooh Wah!
Heartsdales - Rainy Day

Shion schadz~ if you want more songs, message me xD

Don't want to spam your friendslist so I edit this entry ^^

More songs for chipmunk_shake who requested them ^^

Heartsdales - All Mine
Heartsdales - Baby Boy
Heartsdales - Baby Shine feat.AI
Heartsdales - Body Rock
Heartsdales - Fly!
Heartsdales - Girls don't cry
Heartsdales - Radioactive
Heartsdales - Right now
Heartsdales - Should have what! feat.DOUBLE
Heartsdales - The question remains
Heartsdales - Thru with you
Heartsdales - What's my name
Heartsdales - Wild
Heartsdales - Woman
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