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Wohoo~ It's some time ago since I rotated, but I was on holidays in Austria.
But here are 15 nice songs~ enjoy them ^^

1. Please comment if you download something!
2. Files are uploaded on Savefile. If you can't use it but want a song really bad, say it and I'll upload it on yousendit.
4. If you like some stuff go to www.yesasia.com and support the artist you like!

Dollis Marry - FUNKY night HONEY
Genre: Japanese / Visual Kei
Sound like Rock'n'Roll, yeah! Very cute song xD

Rhymester - Respect feat. Rappagariya
Genre: Japanese / HipHop
Great group, Great song!!! You only need to hear the song one time and you can sing the chorus (coz it's repeated alot, but not annoying!) +Mummy-D's voice roxx!

The Yellow Monkey - Period no Ame
Genre: Japanese / Rock
Be aware: This song is kinda depressing but beautiful in some way!

Morning Musume - Papa ni niteiru kare
Genre: Japanese / Pop
Gosh~ yeah... I know this song is really old (it's from the "Second Morning" album, released in 1999) but it's cute and naah~ I really started to like it when I saw Konna Asami performing it in one of the Best Shots.

Berryz Koubou - Gag 100kai bun Aishite Kudasai
Berryz Koubou - Nigiyaka na Fuyu
Genre: Japanese / Pop
"Gag 100kai..." is Berryz' latest single and kinda... annoying xDD~ It will stuck in your head because the text is kinda monotone ^^"""
"Nigiyaka..." is the c/w and believe it or not: Yaguchi Mari is singing in it!! She's still alive and Tsunku finally let her do something in H!P again!!~ *happy*

Fake? - Chemical in Me
Genre: Japanese / Rock
Great song, nothing else to say...

Isao Tomita - Clair du Lune
Genre: Japanese / Synth-Classic?
I got this song YEARS ago for a project in school and now they use it for adversiting for Play Station Portable (or PS2?) (did you see the ad? xD it's kinda... interesting *lol*)

Love Psychedelico - A DAY FOR YOU
Genre: Japanese / PopRock
Melancholy and beautiful!! FREE YOU ALL~

Bonnie Pink - Too young to stop Loving
Genre: Japanese / Pop
Hey come on, it's Bonnie Pink! This speaks for itself!! (with other words: this song just HAS to be good xD)

KOKIA - The Power of Smile
Genre: Japanese / Pop
One of the cutest songs I've ever heard! If someone has the lyrics PLEASE give them to me!! I looked for them like stupid and can't find them ;^;

Tokio - 7.00 clock news
Genre: Japanese / Pop
Opening Song to Kodomo no Omocha~ nice and upbeat and sounds a little bit like 80ies JPop xD

H.O.T. - Time will tell
Genre: Korean / Pop
Wow~ something Korean xD Typical Korean boyband song but nice ^^""

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory OST
Wonka's Welcome Song
Violet Beauregarde
Genre: English / OST
More to come in the next Rotation. Oompa Loompas RULE!

Hope you enjoy the songs and don't forget to comment if you download ^^~
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