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Wohoo~ finally an update! I can't believe it! Sorry to everyone who waited for the requested stuff but my download bandwidth was dead ;__;

Oh~ and I decided to change something of the rules... Feel free to request whenever you want from now on because I never really now what to upload xD~
File list can be found in the memories and just request something random and I'll try to find it!

1. Please comment if you download something!
2. Files are uploaded on Savefile. If you can't use it but want a song really bad, say it and I'll upload it on yousendit.
4. If you like some stuff go to www.yesasia.com and support the artist you like!

Requested by _arizu_
36481? - Linda~Candy Dive Pinky Heaven~ (Gazette cover)
D - Alice
Dreqi x Rudra - Sub Humans
The Dreqi x Rudra one sucks. It hasn't any lyrics nor melody and the quality of the record sucks because it's an indie-indie-indie band xD

Dunno if it was really requested but I'm uploading it...
Heartsdales - Angel Eyes (English Version)

Daichi Miura - Free Style
Genre: Japanese | Pop
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! Great Song IMO and you should really listen to it!

Ai Kawashima - 525 page
Genre: Japanese | Pop
Such a cute song! (sorry but the quality isn't the best)

Triceratops - Akai Go Kart
Genre: Japanese | Rock/Pop
Actually I should upload this in summer because it sounds like having fun with your friends, in summer, on the Kart-track. Upbeat and fun!

The Yellow Monkey - BULB
Genre: Japanese | Rock
I could cry everytime I hear this song. It's so sad but beautiful (and the lyrics are English)

Feel So Bad - Otankonasu
Genre: Japanese | Rock
When it's dark and I'm lying in my bed listening to this I'm really really scared by this song and I have no idea why *lol* The singer sounds a bit evil ^^"

Lexy - Girls
Genre: Korean | Pop
Funny Song. Will make you laugh.

MC Mong - Saemaul Undong
Genre: Korean | HipHop
Translated Title: New Village Movement; They used the theme from "I really wanna be with you" for the chorus (I don't know if the song is really named like that but I know the original-line had this text)

Witches - She Came
Genre: Korean | Ska(?)
FUUUN~ I remember a small cartoon with a bunny which has fallen in love with a cat and they used this song in it! It's so cool for making party!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory OST
Augustus Gloop
Mike Teavee
Veruca Salt
Genre: English | OST
Well, I promised to upload them for gacktjr and so~ here they are ^^
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