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Okay, another late update. Please excuse me that I only update every month. I'll try and make it better!!

Again: Ai Love Soup is still looking for another uploader so if you are bored and want to share your files just message me, neeeh? ^^

1. Please comment if you download something!
2. Files are uploaded on Savefile. If you can't use it but want a song really bad, say it and I'll upload it on yousendit.
4. If you like some stuff go to www.yesasia.com and support the artist you like!

Savefile hates me at the moment so I have to upload some songs on yousendit >___>

Fuqugi – Find You
Genre: Japanese | Rock
Nice Rock-Tune. I really like the soft voice of the singer.

GO!GO!7188 – Bungu
Genre: Japanese | Rock
I’m a really big GO!GO! Fan and addicted to this song. (haha, what a helpful describtion >_>)

Noodles – Lemon Tree
Genre: Japanese | Rock
I love the voice of the Noodles’ singer!

Kra – Extra Kingdom
Genre: Japanese | Rock
My favourite song from their latest Mini-Albums. It’s absolutely adorable!

Yorepanz – Jelly Bean
Genre: Japanese | Guitar-Pop
Ah~ I really like Yorepanz!! Their vocal sounds a little bit like Judy and Mary but with more rock~

Morning Musume – Chokkan 2 (Mattaku Sono Toori Remix)
Genre: Japanese | Pop
From their latest Album Rainbow 7. I really like this version of Chokkan, it makes me dance ~(^.^~)(~^.^)~

te20 – kagami ~negative to positive~
Genre: Japanese | HipHop
I just... love this song ^^“ My favourite from te20...

Kanezaki Gyokous – Super P
Genre: Japanese | HipHop
This song is fuuun~!! Ohayo Gozaimapyuu~

Kelingeld – In your body
Genre: Japanese | Electronica
Electronic music owns my soul!! *insane laugh* This song really reminds my on some work of Sven Väth, soo~ I like it ^^““

Ginger does em all – Wants sorrow and pillow
Genre: Japanese | Funk
Very lovely and chilly Instrumental!

Super Junior – Miracle
Genre: Korean | Boyband Pop
Their latest single. Life couldn’t get better!

EPIK High – Fly
Genre: Korean | HipHop
A Korean penpal gave me this song and I felt in love with it! This will stuck in your head!!~

Jinusean – Phone Number
Genre: Korean | HipHop
Jinusean are just great. END!

Don’t forget to comment, this update took me two days because savefile is a stupid bitch >_>

Feel free to request anytime you want. You can request in a comment to this post or with a email to me (kyo_dingz) (mail-addi is in the userinfo)
You can find my playlist in the memories.
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