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Yeah~ I'm back from Holidays. Happy belated Easter to everyone neh?
Woah at Easter I'm eating much more chocolate than at Christmas @.@ But I can't resist...

Anyway, here's the rotation. 10 songs on request and 5 of my own choice...

1. Please comment if you download something!
2. Files are uploaded on Sendspace. If you can't use it but want a song really bad, say it and I'll upload it on yousendit.
4. If you like some stuff go to www.yesasia.com and support the artist you like!

Requests for moki_123
Gazette - Back Drop Junkie
Gazette - Kare Uta
Gazette - Ruder
Dir en grey - Ugly
Dir en grey - Umbrella
Dir en grey - Pink Killer

Requests for gacktjr
Metronome - Zannen Boku no Jinsei.
Metronome - Aquarium
Metronome - Arigato
Metronome - Gimmicks

Halcali - Candy Hearts (Halcalism)
Japanese | HipHop
Halcalis song for praising themselves *laughs*
Kanezaki GYOKOUS made a song named "Koyoi wa max" where there are using the theme of this song and rapping stupid stuff *laughs* (acutally the Kanezaki song is really boring... But The Halcali one ROCKS)

ImariTones - A-a-Hello
Japanese | Rock
This song makes my mood go uuup~ *laughs* Somehow it sounds like a mix of Anime-Opening, Sharan Q and GuruGuru Eigakan *drools* OMG strange mix xD
(Not all their songs are like this, neeh~)

Sentimental Bus - Sunny Day Sunday
Japanese | Pop-Rock
I bought a CD of Sentimental Bus because I really like them, but everybody who saw the CD kept asking me who Sentimental Bus are *sigh* Kind of sad.
They sound a lot like Judy and Mary so if you don't like this kind of voice, don't download it ^^"

Japanese | Pop-Rock
[picture] I saw a advertise of NO KISS in the latest issue of Cawaii Magazine and really like their look! So I looked for their single. Actually their vocals are not perfect and the song is nothing really special but it has some charming ^^
Actually I like the c/w of the single more... Will upload it next rotation!

H.O.T. - I yah!
Korean | Pop
HAHA~ Oster-Iyaaah~!! This is only a joke if you speak German... So this is this years Easter-song to me xDD
I really liked the song for a while now but nearly forgot about it up to when I saw DBSK/TVXQ performing it on some show ^^" (Super Junior where performing there too, so that's because I downloaded the performance)

A sorry~ I really bubbled a lot this time @.@ Seem to be kinda talk-active these days ^^"" Is anybody out there who wants to talk to me? I'm bored...
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