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AI Love Soup

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#008 [22 Jan 2007|10:12pm]

Woo... long time no update. I'm really sorry about that. I'll try to update more often okay?

About this update: I couldn't chose songs by myself so I just put all my music in winamp and let them shuffle. ^^ So this stuff is totally random~
Excuse me if there aren't much useful comments on the songs.

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#007 [07 May 2006|07:43pm]

Rotation number 7 if I'm right. Not much since this thing is existing since December...

This time it's some kind of summer rotation. The weather is SOSO great outside that I really wanted to upload some summer songs~

Ah yes~ I uploaded the files already last week, so if some links are broken, but you want to have the song, just say and I'll reupload it!
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#006 [19 Apr 2006|03:43pm]

Yeah~ I'm back from Holidays. Happy belated Easter to everyone neh?
Woah at Easter I'm eating much more chocolate than at Christmas @.@ But I can't resist...

Anyway, here's the rotation. 10 songs on request and 5 of my own choice...

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#005 [29 Mar 2006|08:47pm]

Wohoo~ new rotation and it didn't took me a month!! I'm so great *laughs* Well, not really

You can request with a comment as always, file lists can be found HERE (my file lists were updated today...)

♫~16 songs this time~♫Collapse )

Already 25 members~ YEAH! Thanks to everyone *is happy*
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#004 [11 Mar 2006|09:52pm]

Okay, another late update. Please excuse me that I only update every month. I'll try and make it better!!

Again: Ai Love Soup is still looking for another uploader so if you are bored and want to share your files just message me, neeeh? ^^

Rotation #004Collapse )

Feel free to request anytime you want. You can request in a comment to this post or with a email to me (kyo_dingz) (mail-addi is in the userinfo)
You can find my playlist in the memories.
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Searching for uploaders [27 Feb 2006|09:04am]

Sorry for the lack of updates >-<
I'll upload another rotation soon I promise!!
Well, feel free to request of course!! My file list can be found in the memories~

The reason why I'm writing this entry:
Ai Love Soup is looking for one or two more uploaders!!

If you want to share your lovely music files here, feel free to comment to this entry and you'll be able to post entries too!! ^^~
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#003 [08 Feb 2006|08:31pm]

Wohoo~ finally an update! I can't believe it! Sorry to everyone who waited for the requested stuff but my download bandwidth was dead ;__;

Oh~ and I decided to change something of the rules... Feel free to request whenever you want from now on because I never really now what to upload xD~
File list can be found in the memories and just request something random and I'll try to find it!

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REQUESTS ARE OPEN [28 Jan 2006|11:54pm]

Well I updated my filelist and thought it would be good to open the requests xD~

File list can be found (HERE) and (HERE)

Requests will be opened up to monday or tuesday or up to 15 files are requested.
3 requests per person.
Request in a comment to this post.
If you are looking for something that is not on my list feel free to request it nevertheless because Yomi might have it or I'll search it for you ^^~
Whatever~ xD

If there are no requests I'll have to chose alone again and that will be mostly HipHop again HAHA~ xD I'm too addicted atm!
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#002 [16 Jan 2006|09:18pm]

Wohoo~ It's some time ago since I rotated, but I was on holidays in Austria.
But here are 15 nice songs~ enjoy them ^^

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Special#001 - Heartsdales [02 Jan 2006|10:50pm]

YO, Check 'em out!

Heartsdales Attack!Collapse )

Don't want to spam your friendslist so I edit this entry ^^
EDIT: More HeartsdalesCollapse )
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