Teipu (kyo_dingz) wrote in ai_love_soup,

Searching for uploaders

Sorry for the lack of updates >-<
I'll upload another rotation soon I promise!!
Well, feel free to request of course!! My file list can be found in the memories~

The reason why I'm writing this entry:
Ai Love Soup is looking for one or two more uploaders!!

If you want to share your lovely music files here, feel free to comment to this entry and you'll be able to post entries too!! ^^~
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i would share my musicfiles, if anybody is interested. mostly all kinds of metal, but also progressive rock, a bit of jazz and fusion...if there's interest i could create a list in my LJ.
XD~ Sorry, but normally this is a community for Asian music ^^"" And because I know you, the only asian band you like/know is Yuki Alpha *lol*
Don't be mad about me, neeeh~? ^^
okay ^^ i just wanted to make the offer, not that somebody complains that I don't share xD