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Wohoo~ new rotation and it didn't took me a month!! I'm so great *laughs* Well, not really

You can request with a comment as always, file lists can be found HERE (my file lists were updated today...)

1. Please comment if you download something!
2. Files are uploaded on Savefile and sendspace. If you can't use it but want a song really bad, say it and I'll upload it on yousendit.
4. If you like some stuff go to www.yesasia.com and support the artist you like!

Rhymester - This Y'All, That Y'All
Japanese | HipHop
Party-Song. Rhymester is always a good choice ^^

Home Made Kazoku - HOME PARTY
Japanese | HipHop
Another Party-Song. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Damn it rocks~

Morning Musume - SEXY BOY ~soyokaze ni yorisotte~
Japanese | Pop
Latest Single by MoMusu. It's great and catchy and I already can dance the whole choreography!

Berryz Koubou - Jiriri Kiteru
Japanese | Pop
Latest Single by Berryz (was released today ^^). They used the Phantom of the opera Theme and I LOVE it!

SharanQ - PARARA
Japanese | Pop
SharanQ is the former Band of Tsunku (producer of Hello!Project). Funny and catchy song which will stuck in your head.

Coda - Tsuki ni odoru
Japanese | Pop
It's so nice~ An very pretty song with only voice, piano and accustic guitar.

Kazoku - Hana Doro
Japanese | Visual Kei
I had this song in my head for a while and didn't knew what the interpret was up to we decided to cosplay Kazoku and I listened to their stuff again ^^~

Phobia - Kuroi Neko
Japanese | Visual Kei
Very typical Visual Kei song. It's cool but nothing special ^^""

Ayabie - Neko yoru tei
Japanese | Visual Kei
AMG~ I absolutely love this song! It's so cute and sounds like "Let's go on a picnic!"

As'REAL - Limit
Japanese | Visual Kei
My favourite As'REAL song. Dunno if I already uploaded it earlier. If I did so, I'm sorry ^^"""

Nil - Circus
Japanese | Rock
What a wonderful life~!! This song is great! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

The Carnabeats - Sutekina Sandy
Japanese | Old-School PopRock
Found it on some Rotation aswell. Sounds like 80ies and is really catchy~ My taste in music is a little weird so be aware!

Puffy - Teen Titans Theme
Japanese | Pop
(radio rip) T.E.E.N. T.I.T.A.N.S. Teen TiTans Let's Go!! (all I have to say *lol*=

Judy & Mary - Sanpomichi
Japanese | Pop
Aw~ cute catchy song by Judy & Mary. I bought their Best Of Album on last AnimagiC and am still in love with this group!

NEWS - Say Hello
Japanese | Boyband
Ear- and Eyecandy! One of my most favourite NEWS-Songs! Shalalala~

BoA - My Name
Korean | Pop
If you ever saw HeeChul of Super Junior dancing to this song you would LOVE it aswell~ *sees his hawt body dancing**tilt* can't think clear for five minutes

Because Savefile was annoying me this time too, I'll change my upload-site to Sendspace. If you have better suggestions please tell me ^^

Already 25 members~ YEAH! Thanks to everyone *is happy*
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