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This Community is...

...actually for everyone who likes MUSIC~
so join us and share the love with us :DD

The Rules are...

1. please comment if you take something.
2. no anti-love, meaning: do not be cruel if something is posted you do not like, etc.
3. feel free to request something anytime with a comment in one of the last posts or in a mail! Our File-list can be found in the memories and if you are looking for something that is not on the list we will try to find it!
4. enjoy~ ne? ^0^
5. more to come?

Your Mod's are...


At the moment only the Moderators are allowed to post in this community!
If you want to become a Mod aswell, or if you just want to post something,
let us know by sending an e-mail either to kyo_dingz|kyodingzmonstersama@yahoo.de or warumonoyomi|warumonoyomi@hotmail.com


this is for all of you who have fun doing some nice layouts ^.~
actually we had not enough time to create something, so this is a request to you, to create us a good layout ^o^ take all the space you need, but it should -at least- be related to [j-]music!
when we'll have some members we'll start the contest and tell you the deadline and so on! ^o^ so...do you best ne!